Ifihan Management is an unique business that strives to empower other brands to market themselves beyond their standards. Ifihan, the Yoruba word for Revelation, became our name based on the goal of my company: to help change talents into careers. The services we provide not only give our clients everything they need to help their brand succeed, but to help make their personal lives more comfortable as well. However, in addition to management, we also have a clothing line to promote our brand. Now I know you are probably thinking "What makes ours different?" or "Why shop Ifihan?". Well Ifihan is more than just another brand. We are a movement dedicated to "Changing The World For The Better". Short term, we are working on building a following of people that wants to have a positive impact in their communities as much as we do. Long term, we want to always be able to donate portions of our earnings to different charities and causes. Therefore, understand every purchase leads to a purpose.

Oluseyi Adenegan


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